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Using an egg donor increases the chance of success for many that experience family building challenges. America Angel International has guided hundreds of intended parents through this process over the past 6 years . With America Angel International’s national agency network, we can quickly identify egg donors and agencies that best fit your criteria. America Angel International increases the pool of potential qualified candidates, which decreases the wait time, thereby the wait time to begin a cycle.


Most importantly, based upon exponential access to donor candidates, America Angel International is able to match very closely to your desired criteria in a shortened timeframe, typically about two weeks. In our experience, meeting requirements that closely match has helped many women and couples come to terms with having to use an egg donor.


egg banking


Another option to enter the infertility arena is egg banking. Egg banking is available to women up to 38 years of age. It is a wonderful option for those who have consciously chosen to delay child bearing for careers a finding the right partner, or for those who may have suffered medical diagnoses that compromise future fertility.


Freezing eggs allows women to avoid having to use an anonymous sperm donor until they are ready to fertilize their eggs, at which time they may have identified a known sperm donor. Another advantage of egg banking is that eggs can be thawed in the future, fertilized with sperm of choice and then refrozen as embryos for future IVF treatment cycles. Using frozen eggs also helps to facilitate the infertility treatment cycle without having to rely on an egg donor’s time frame or schedule to begin treatment. This fast growing and very new technology offers more choices and much more flexibility with fertility treatment options for the future.


America Angel International can help you identify an egg banking program that suits your individual needs, and offers success rates equivalent to fresh donor egg IVF cycles.




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