Caroline CHEN

CEO & Founder

Caroline Chen founded America Angel International  (AAI) to arm consumers / patients with information and education to make the best medical choices. The agency was “born” from Caroline’s personal experience through infertility, and has blossomed through strategic alliances she cultivated from her deep- seeded background in Medical Tourism. Caroline works with individuals taking into consideration clients’ emotional, physical and financial infertility issues by orchestrating nationwide teams of multidisciplinary unbiased professionals to accomplish a treatment cycle. Most importantly Caroline provides an insider’s approach to the often challenging roadblocks present in conquering infertility.


As an infertility consult expert, Caroline actively participates in an extensive list of media opportunities and speaking engagements both internationally and throughout the United States to help audiences understand and explore the resources necessary to accomplish the complicated issues associated with surrogacy.


Caroline offers free consultations for Chinese clients , via skype, Wechat or in person.


“ This is not a job where you can just show up Monday through Friday nine to five. It’s twenty-four seven. All of our clients can reach our team at any time and  we are here for you! , we are doing the right thing and helping the right people, intended parents, surrogates and donors ”

——Caroline Chen


Regina became a Surrogate Coordinator in 2011 advancing to Supervising Surrogate Coordinator in 2015 and then to Director of Coordination in 2016. She is actively involved in the surrogacy scene in California and Nevada, building many professional and personal relationships in the Reproductive and Surrogate community.


Regina worked in the medical field for over 10 years before becoming involved in surrogacy in 2009. She delivered a singleton for a Swiss couple in 2011, traveled to Brazil in 2012 to help Intended Parents living there, delivered boy girl twins for a couple in England in 2014, and twin boys for a British couple in 2015.


Regina is a mother of three wonderful daughters. She lives in sunny Southern California with her children and husband Gary.


director of coordination

Amy has 5 years of office experiences which gather many working skills on her either inside or outside of the office. She is always client focused and result oriented. Her friendly, outgoing personality always provide excellent customer services.


Being one of the members of America Angel International, Amy handles most of our paperwork and financial with clients, surrogates, and our donors as well. She is a multi-tasker, a hard worker, and an important role in AAI.


Outside of the work, Amy is a caring parent. For the last two years, she ran a fundraiser event for the Kern Autism Society-Autism Affiliate Chapter. Amy successfully earned an amount of bonus for the summer camp program that sent children and young adults on the spectrum to different summer activities.



Amanda has ten years of combined experience in office administration and customer service. Since her adolescent years, Amanda has always gravitated towards volunteer work and helping others. In 2011, Amanda worked with the Latin Chamber of Commerce helping at risk youth develop life skills to prepare them for adulthood. In 2013 she worked for a company that assisted the foster community in Las Vegas and worked directly with many foster children. Her work has always been focused on helping others. She is motivated, passionate and reliable.


After having two daughters, Amanda discovered surrogacy and fell in love with it. Beginning as a surrogate, she developed a yearning to take a further step in the world of surrogacy and be more than just a gestational carrier but also an advocate and coordinator.


Amanda lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband Ben and their two daughters, Olivia and Mariana.

Amanda Sandoval

Administration & Surrogacy Coordinator

Teena Johnson


Teena has 8 years in customer service 2-3 years in office. She is always friendly and outgoing and can provide excellent customer service. One of her jobs was to take care of elderly people which she did for 2 years.


Outside of work Teena has 2 kids of her own. And has decided to be a surrogate with AAI. She then realized she wanted to be more than a surrogate and wanted to become agency coordinator for the company.


Teena lives in Bakersfield, California with her husband Tyler, Daughter Harmony and her son Colton.

Olivia graduated with a bachelor degree of Human Resources Management, has strong abilities on organizing, outsourcing, and communicating. She always keeps passion on her job and motivates herself to get every piece of her work done perfectly.


Being one of our coordinators at America Angel International, Olivia plays an important role of helping our clients to schedule appointments and meetings, escorting for doctor visits, and a series of follow-up works. Multilingual skills which brings much more conveniences especially for our clients who speaks Chinese, aim to provide our clients a wonderful experience in the U.S.


Outside of the work, Olivia likes to spend most of her time with families and friends. Her extremely optimistic and energetic characters always bring people a relaxing atmosphere.




reproductive law attorney

Molly O’Brien has worked in the field of Assisted Reproduction since 2005.  In that time, she worked for an Egg Donation Agency and a Surrogacy Agency where she became familiar with all aspects of In-Vitro Fertilization and Egg Donation, including the financial aspects of surrogacy.  Since becoming an attorney in 2011, she has gained extensive experience in drafting and negotiating Surrogacy Contracts, Egg Donation and Sperm Donation Contracts, and Embryo Donation Contracts on behalf of her clients throughout the world.  Ms. O’Brien has also appeared before many local Judges to help both domestic and international couples finalize their parental rights, and has extensive experience in obtaining all documents necessary for her couples to return to their home country.


Through her dedication to the field of assisted reproduction, Ms. O’Brien received a Court appointment as Guardian Ad Litem for unborn children being born through surrogacy.


Molly O’Brien graduated Magna Cum Laude from Whittier Law School and was a published student author in the Whittier Law Review with her insightful article, An Intersection of Ethics and the Law: The Frozen Embryo Dilemma and the Chilling Choice Between Life and Death.


As a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), she serves on the Executive Board of the Legal Professional Group section of ASRM as the Secretary.  Additionally, Ms, O’Brien is a member of the ABA A.R.T. committee.

Andrea is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a speciality in assisted reproduction which includes mental health assessments and evaluation of egg donors and surrogates.


Andrea received undergraduate degrees in International Relations and French from the University of Southern California. She continued her education at U.S.C. and received her Masters degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling.


Andrea has more than 20 years of clinical experience working in the mental health field. Her early training began in the field of Geriatrics, where she established a geriatric case management program for the City of Beverly Hills. She has also had extensive experience working in an inpatient psychiatric facility where she was able to strengthen her testing and diagnostic skills.


Andrea’s focus on assisted reproduction stemmed from her own personal experience with infertility over 16 years ago when she was beginning her family. Since that time, Andrea has had three children, two with methods of assisted reproduction. Her past and personal experience provides her with the knowledge to skillfully assess prospective egg donors and surrogates. It also provides her with the compassion to provide support and guidance to individuals pursuing assisted reproduction. She continues her professional growth in the field of infertility through research and involvement as a professional member of both the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, American Fertility Association, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology and Resolve. Andrea was the past Psychological Chairperson on the board of directors for the Egg Donation and Surrogacy Professional Association as well as a Mental Health Advisor to Parents Via Egg Donation. She is currently on the Board of Directors for Fertile Action.





Amy Vance is a Board Certified and Licensed genetic counselor and founder of Bay Area Genetic Counseling. She is respected as a leader and innovator among genetic counselors. She has provided genetic counseling since 1991, with expertise in prenatal, pediatric, adult, cancer, and reproductive genetics.


Ms. Vance's professional experience includes providing prenatal genetic counseling at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. She also coordinated the genetic counseling and testing for their regional Cystic Fibrosis clinic. She was a consultant to several gamete donor programs, providing genetic screening and family history risk assessment. In 1995 she was invited to join the genetics department at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. While at Kaiser, she provided genetic counseling for prenatal, pediatric, adult, and cancer genetics patients. She coordinated the medical student genetics education, regional genetic clinics, and served on numerous regional committees charged with program development, quality assurance, and ongoing communication with the regional genetics departments. In 2000, she became a clinical service product manager at GeneSage, Inc., a company that promoted genetic healthcare. In 2001, Ms. Vance founded Bay Area Genetic Counseling, a private practice genetic counseling and consulting service. She has consulted for the March of Dimes as well as local physicians and now focuses mainly on Assisted Reproduction, providing genetic counseling services to IVF clinics and gamete donor agencies.


Ms. Vance's ongoing area of interest in research has been on the importance of family history risk assessment and genetic counseling for gamete donors and couples prior to IVF. She has presented this research at numerous regional and national meetings.


Ms. Vance received her BA at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and her MS in Genetic Counseling from the University of Cincinnati. She is Board Certified in Genetic Counseling by the American Board of Genetic Counselors and Licensed by the California Department of Public Health.


Amy is fluent in Spanish, and enjoys cycling, yoga, horseback riding, and spending time with friends and family.


US-based full-time senior medical interpreter/translator and China patient coordinator for America Angel (Beijing) from 2014. Weihao has been studying in the US since 2006, and has respectively obtained a bachelor’s degree in international and area studies/general business from the University of Oklahoma, and a master’s degree in a highly competitive conference interpretation program from the prestigious Monterey Institute of International Studies (graduate school of Middlebury College).


In 2013, Weihao successfully completed the medical interpreter/translator internship program with Stanford Hospital and Clinics, during which he helped facilitate communication between healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, medical school professors, and anesthetists, etc.) and Mandarin-speaking patients, served as liaison interpreter for visiting Chinese medical delegations including one delegation from the Fudan University, and managed to accurately translate various types of medical files including doctor’s instructions and prescriptions.


Also during this internship, Weihao passed the qualification exam and is now a California-certified professional medical interpreter and translator. In addition, the language proficiency from his 8-year studying experience in the US and first-hand experience from nearly 100 on-site interpreting events enable him to accurately and efficiently bridge the gap of communication between English-speaking service providers (including medical staff, attorneys, surrogacy agencies and gestational carriers) and the Chinese-speaking clients.


Weihao also has a cheerful personality and earnest work ethics with strong sense of responsibility. He is excellent in interpersonal communication, teamwork, as well as planning and organizing. Before joining America Angel, he worked for an LA-based medical institution with interpretation/translation and Chinese patients coordination. He assisted both sides with arranging overseas treatment procedure, and ensured their smooth execution with timely follow-up and impeccable interpretation and translation.

Weihao Zhang

Interpreter / Translator



Lead medical interpreter and translator at Stanford Health Care. Beatriz has a bachelor’s degree in international trade from Mexico and came to the US in 2012 to pursue a 2-year master’s degree in translation and interpretation from the reputable Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (graduate school of Middlebury College).


After her first year of studies, Beatriz pursued a dual-internship as a medical interpreter/translator at Stanford Health Care and St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York. After receiving thorough training in preparation for these internships, she went on to get hands-on experience, while making communication possible between LEP (Limited English Proficiency) patients and healthcare providers from different disciplines, as well as translating vital medical documents.


Beatriz started working for Stanford Health Care in 2014 soon after graduation through third-party vendors and was formally hired as a part-time employee in 2015. She passed the healthcare qualification exam in 2015 and is now a California-certified professional medical interpreter and translator.


In addition to her experience of more than 20 years with her working languages (Spanish-English), first as an English professor in Mexico, then as a translator/interpreter for one of the big-four accounting firms and currently focusing on the medical field, she has also participated as a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter in briefings for several technology companies in Silicon Valley, as well as Qualified Medical Evaluations and legal recorded statements.


Beatriz is easy-going and team-work oriented. She has excellent people skills and is a natural mediator. She has a son and daughter and lives in Northern California with her children and husband Joe.

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